King’s Church Youth Ministry is committed to partnering with parents and families in the nurturing of students, building them up in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ, cultivating their growth in spiritual maturity, and strengthening their connections with the larger church Body and greater community. 


The Word – Teaching students a greater knowledge of God’s Word, leading them to a fuller understanding of the Gospel, and shepherding their hearts into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ marks the priority of King’s Church Youth Ministry. By regularly getting into our Bibles and providing students with Scriptural sustenance, it is our hope that every student will be able to articulate their faith, defend what they believe, and most importantly, grow in their love for, and obedience to, God’s Word. 

Discipleship – In following the biblical model, discipleship plays a central role in how students grow in their relationship with Jesus. Using this biblical model of mentorship, the faith of our youth is not solely dependent upon sporadic events, or even on weekly teachings, but is primarily developed through the gradually formed relationships students have with their leaders. In this way, students have the ability to learn through the teaching and conduct of those who are further along in their spiritual journey –ultimately spurring them on into greater maturity in Christ.

Family/Community – It is not KCYM’s aim to create a separate church for our youth but to help every student understand his or her place within the King’s Church family. Partnering with parents, continued participation in church activities, as well as the inclusion of families into youth events remains a priority. In this way, students deepen their familiarity with their church community, understand the value of the larger Body of believers, and grow in an environment that is consistent with their home and church life.

Serving – As Jesus calls us to be salt and light in our world, and live out the Gospel faithfully, students will be encouraged to serve their churches, cities, and communities through specific serving opportunities, missions trips, outreach events, as well as volunteering in other ministries.