King's Church is a growing family rooted in Jesus, sharing God's love with our neighbors and the world.


The people of King’s Church are a family. We are a family made up of broken, messy and imperfect people because that’s exactly who Jesus loves. We accept one another as we are and don’t have to perform or pretend to belong. We’re also a family that’s not afraid to be real, to be honest about our struggles and our disappointments. We’re not afraid to believe in truth while loving those who disagree with us. And we’re not afraid to hope; hope that people really can change and find purpose for their lives, hope that marriages and families can thrive, and that the most vulnerable and hurting can receive justice and healing. 


King’s Church makes new and maturing disciples of Jesus. All of our ministries define success by this question: “Are people becoming more like Christ?” We believe discipleship happens most effectively in large and small groups where young and old develop strong spiritual bonds. Within this family environment, disciples engage with the Word of God, speak the Gospel to one another and learn to abide with Jesus on a daily basis. These relationships are life transforming and unleash our people to boldly take risks, sharing God’s love in tangible ways with our neighbors.

King’s Church builds missional partnerships with other like-minded individuals, churches and organizations that are committed to the advancement of God’s kingdom in Long Beach, but also the world. We gravitate towards opportunities to serve the most vulnerable and hurting in our communities. We also believe new church plants are an effective way to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus.