Our mission

Our mission is to help people become more like Jesus in their relationships UP, IN, & OUT. It's the same mission that Jesus gave His disciples in Matthew 28: “go and make disciples.” All of our ministries are actively working to help people grow in these three relational areas.

As people grow UP, they discover more about God, about His character and His love.

As people grow IN, they discover more about themselves, the good and the bad.

As people grow OUT, they discover more opportunities to love others.

our values

The Gospel impacts all of our relationships: UP, IN & OUT.

The Gospel is the good news of how God has loved us through Jesus Christ. It reorients all of our relationships: with God (UP), ourselves (IN), and others (OUT).

Vulnerability is the glue for strong relationships.

It's scary to expose our weaknesses but doing so is necessary to develop deep relationships with others. As we learn more about how much God loves us, we find the courage to be known by others. 

Children are a vital part of the church!

We include our kids in most activities so they will develop a strong connection to their church family. 

It is possible to believe in Truth while respecting those who disagree.

Because every human being is created in the image of God, we hold to our beliefs, humbly, with a willingness to learn from others.

We are called to faithfully engage our culture, not dismiss it or embrace it uncritically.

Jesus calls us to be salt and light in our world, which means we must affirm what is good and right in our society while also walking closely with Jesus in a world full of idols and empty pursuits.

our vision

At King’s Church you’ll find people from various backgrounds and different stages of faith but one thing we have in common is the feeling that we’ve found a home…a safe place to explore faith, experience the love of God, and extend that love to others. None of us have all the answers or pretend to be perfect but we’re finding out together, that God really does love us and that changes everything.   

We envision people:

who are tired, finding rest in Jesus

who have been judged, finding friends who embrace them

who feel invisible, being seen and heard

who feel trapped, finding freedom from their fears and addictions

We envision a church:

where newcomers experience the presence of Jesus immediately

where people think more often about other than themselves

where people are regularly saying, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

where stories of God's grace are celebrated on a regular basis

We envision a city:

full of people actively working towards it's peace and prosperity

where conversations about Jesus are heard in bars, restaurants, offices, and gyms

where churches are partners, not competitors

where people of all faiths and no faith are thankful that King's Church exists