One thing you’ll notice when visiting King’s Church is that we have lots of kids running around. The children infuse our Sunday experience with energy and life. God has given us the privilege of helping parents to raise our kids to love Jesus. This gift is a guiding principle for our children’s ministry. We aren’t looking to replace parents as the spiritual leaders of their kids but we do want to support and encourage them in their role.


We invite children to participate in the first half of our worship service and dismiss them to their classes before the sermon. If your children are too young, or unable to participate without being a distraction to those around you, we invite you to consider leaving them with our nurturing and professional King’s Kids staff before the service begins.


The vision for King’s Kids is for families to experience the love of Jesus by participating in Corporate Worship, Weekly Bible Review, Quarterly Family Night and Monthly Missions Sunday. King’s Families will participate in Outreach Projects to the Local & Global communities and develop a heart for those who don’t know Jesus. Through Connecting Events such as Parenting Class, VBS, Family Retreat, the Easter and Christmas Program, King’s Families will foster deeper relationships with the church family who can help them love and follow Jesus.


The mission for King’s Kids is to partner with families to raise our children to love and follow Jesus. 


F-Find the Right Time                                    

A-Allow the Holy Spirit to Lead                      

M-Meet Together to Pray and Read the Word

I-Invite Children to Participate                       

L-Lean on Jesus                                              

Y-Yearn for Growth                                         




Nursery: Age 0-1 non-walkers

Toddlers: Age 1-2 walkers

3/4 Year Olds


1st/2nd Grade

    3rd-5th Grade


Please contact Jill if you are interested in serving on the King’s Kids team. We are looking for those who have a heart to Teach Bible study, Pray with small groups of children, Lead praise songs, Assist in Bible Memory and help plan activities.